Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Activities

Sweetheart Candy Sort

After we sorted, we graphed the candy see how many of each color we had. Isabelle was very interested in this activity.

Once we were done, Johnsie had to separate the girl colors from the boy colors. He didn't want to eat the pinks or purples.

Later we were working on our cutting skills.

He wouldn't cut them unless I held the paper.

After we had cut some of the little hearts, Johnsie said he thought they looked like elephant ears so, we proceeded to make a valentine elephant. Forget-me-Not.

I was proud he saw the elephant ears all on his own. I have never shown him an elephant made from hearts before.


Raising a Happy Child said...

This elephant is so very precious. Johnsie did an excellent job here. I see that he is still sporting his X sign :)

Melissa said...

Fun activities. I bought the conversation hearts this morning with the graph in mind. We will be doing some activities this week....thanks for sharing!