Sunday, May 30, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

I have been thinking about house decor like crazy. What am I going to put here and what am I going to put there?

One thing, that I know FOR SURE, is I want the saying, Here Comes the Sun, in my bedroom.

Huh? Why? Well, you see all the vinyl wall sayings that are out right now, right? Most people put sayings like, Always remember to kiss me goodnight or All because two people fell in love. Love both those sayings by the way BUT, they have no special meaning to me.

Now, even before all of this vinyl word sayings became popular I always wanted to put, Here Comes The Sun, on a little plaque or something in our bedroom.

Again, Why? Well again, when most people have beautiful, romantic love songs for "Their Song" Ryan and I picked, Here Comes The Sun. Not really a slow dance song. Try it. It doesn't really work well, I know. Anyway, we both have always loved this song and even as young kids, who got pregnant and got married, we must have known that everything would work out. The sun will always rise, a new day. Each day we can embark on a new journey, each year and now as we are reaching the end of our second decade together, each decade. Whatever issues arise we can count on the sun to shed a little light on us.

For me personally, the song also means that Ryan is my sun. He is my light.

Here Comes the Sun

Not sure what is up with the mushy, cheesefest posts. I just feel so overwhelmed lately. Our new home is almost finished. My baby is graduating and then 10 days later she will turn 18. We have all been sick. I have a 21ish hour car ride coming up with 2 kids and 2 dogs. I have to pack up and clean this house yet, can't really move into the new one.
It all has me weepy.


Here Comes the Sun!

Didn't even think about that, Here comes the sun, after all these next crazy filled weeks until, I reread my post looking for mistakes. Cool. That's when I added the BUT, Here it comes!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Talking About My Guy

The main reason I keep this blog is for me and my family so, I am not going to apologize for this picture overload.

Today, was Ryan's birthday. Most of my posts have to do with the kids, outings, crafts or the new house. Well, this one is dedicated to the love of my life.

He is the youngest of 3 boys. Not sure what his goofy is face is all about. Maybe it is because he had to wear that awful suit. Mom?

Oh, my sweet guy. Someone who knows what grade he was in here needs to comment. He is asleep already, otherwise, I would ask him.

This was one of his senior pics. My parents did not like his long hair. I don't think his parents liked it either. But, I loved it. I still have some of it in a photo album.

Crazy to think that when this picture was taken we were already prego with Chickie.

Here is Ryan and his dad getting ready for some scuba diving.

OMG, This is the best picture ever. Swoon. I am so in love with this man.

Camping and canoeing in the MN boundary waters with his dad and brothers.

Mom, seriously, I have no idea how you handled these three boys. But, I do know, I thank you so much for helping to mold and make a wonderful father and the man of my dreams. Dad, you did a pretty dang good job too! You were both great role models.

Ryan is really the best dad ever. He has taught all the kids to skate. Well, almost, Johnsie, not so much, yet. Ryan has played hockey since he was 5 and has coached Manny's teams for many years.

Of course, he is an avid fisherman. He and Manny can go out and fish for hours. Nice catch Johnsie.

Whenever possible, those two are also out for hours snowmobiling. This snow storm was crazy. It was March 30th and we got over of snow in a few hours.

My life's purpose will be complete when my 2 boys grow up and become as wonderful of fathers and husbands as Ryan is. He is such an amazing role model.

I look forward to the day when my daughter's-in-law thank Ryan and I for the men that they have married, like I am now able to thank my in-laws.

And as for Chickie, Daddy's little girl, who isn't so little anymore. I hope that she finds a man who is as genuine and loving as her Dad is. Here we are at Arches National Park, in Moab Utah. Delicate Arch is way in the back on the left side.

This was last years prom night. We had no worries. We know we raised a responsible young lady. Plus, her Ryan knows what my Ryan would do if he didn't treat Chickie like a lady and with the utmost respect. -Chickie has been dating a boy named Ryan for over 2 yrs now-

Ryan and the kids paddle boating in some little pond in Santa Rosa CA.

Thank you so much Ryan for being such a giving husband and father. We may not always say it but, you mean the world to us and we appreciate all you do.

Ryan, you mean the world to me. You are my best friend and I am so proud to be your wife.

We've come a long way baby. Welcome to the other side. 36 doesn't feel so bad anymore now that you're finally 36 with me. ~Just so you know people, Ryan NEVER lets me forget that I am older than he is. But only by 2 months and 19 days. I guess when I was a 4 months old I was over double his age. Cradle robber.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where do you store your poop?

Yay, we now have a big poop storage tank in our back yard. Something I have always wanted. Dreamed of actually.

So, today I learned a lot, once again. I really had no idea how a septic system worked till today.

Ok, so color me dumb, I never took the time to really think about how this bugger works. So, this is what happens. You go to the bathroom, everything that is solid stays in the tank and any liquid gets pumped out and goes through a bunch of sand that is supposed to filter it before it gets down into the water table.

I seriously thought that the tank held everything. I know we have been talking about a sand filter and all but, like I said I never really pondered it. So, take a gander at the diagram I found. I really hope you are telling me that by the time that poop/pee water gets to my well it will be thoroughly cleaned right? I am not so sure about that.

Let's just say I am REALLY happy that the well and septic both slope to the south. It still creeps me out a bit though. If my water tastes like urine, I WANT a REFUND. Ugh, I just totally realized that there are 2 houses north of us. Oh, gag me with a spoon!

This is the drain field or whatever it is called.

The boys, of course, liked watching the equipment dig our new pee/sand pool.
I took these yesterday.

The guys were working hard in temps of high 80's. Ryan brought our cooler over to them stocked with ice and Gatorade.

Most of the tile is in but, the guys haven't grouted yet. This is the entryway.

This is the tile in the kitchen. The empty squares are where some decorative tiles are going and the other tiles have to be cut to go around them. Can't wait to see it all done.

The start of our front porch. I didn't realize how small it is going to be. I am not complaining I just envisioned something else. Oh well. I still can't wait to sit on it.

Carpet goes in tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Throne

Just in case you were wondering and I know you all were, this little pretty will be going in our 4 bathrooms. Her name is Alexis. It actually really is. She is called the 30014K Alexis HET dual flush.

She has so many wonderful qualities.
  1. She was only $99 from Sams Club.
  2. She is a High Efficiency Toilet
  3. She has a dual flush feature. If you pee you push down on the #1 button and if you poop, you press the #2 button. Cool Huh? The #1 uses 1 gallon of water and the #2 uses 1.6 gallons per flush.
  4. She is 17.9 inches tall. Who cares you say? Well a standard toilet is between 14-16 inches. Now, the BIG benefit we see from having taller toilets is that there will be less splash from my boys, which means less clean up for me. Granted we have no idea how Johnsie is going to measure up to these but, he'll grow and until then he can use a step stool.
The only negative we, I mean Ryan, sees is that he can't put magazines on the back for his daily reading time. So, I told him I would get a basket or something for him.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Doggie Diver

Isabelle loves to dive for rocks. She is such a coconut. I would say that about 90% of the time she comes up with a rock. Sometimes, it is the same one you threw but, not always.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Seriously, I took pictures of our lighting, still in the boxes. I really need to get a life.
Oh, and isn't Diet Mt. Dew so wonderful! Ahhh

For our dining room. Nice and simple!

Matching pendant for the entry.

Ryan and I spent a day taking turns painting the molding. A DAY. Holy smokes there was A LOT of molding.

Ryan loathes to paint. He needs to listen to his ipod otherwise, I think he might go crazy. I myself love to paint. I am not good at it at all but, I still enjoy it.

The siding guys are cruising right along. They work everyday, till it is done, unless it rains of course. And, we may get a few sprinkles tomorrow. So, they may get a reprieve sooner than later.

This is the back of the garage with our little doggie door. The plan is for this door to lead to a fenced in area about 7ftX10ft on a concrete slab. We are hoping that we can teach them that when we open the kitchen door that leads to the garage all they need to do is go through this door to get outside.

We NEED to contain the doogie do.

At our old house they always went in the front yard and I hated it. And I don't use the word hate very often. I would stress about always making sure it was picked up, so people wouldn't see it. And in the spring we always had poop soup and our grass was all spotted.

No More Baby!

I am always trying to sneak around and take photos of the guys working so, I have some action shots. I don't think they really appreciate me taking their pictures all the time. But, these guys are such a big part of our lives right now and we are very thankful for them.

I never took a picture of the steps from the kitchen. Here you go.

I spent most of today painting the boys' closets and our bedroom. For our room I chose Blue Heather from Behr. It really is the most beautiful shade of blue. I really need to get Ryan in here with his camera because mine has no flash and all of our colors are seeming really muted. This just looks gray but, it isn't.

Ok, so here is our aDOORable door. I hear it was one heavy little lady. We had 2 guys outside and 2 guys inside lifting her into place.

Here I am sneaking shots.

She is so beautiful. I am in love and I want to make a wreath tomorrow for her. Or at least ASAP.

Later today, we went back to the house and the back was basically completely sided.

Super, Super excited!

Johnsie is going to miss playing on all of the dirt piles.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Treat Bucket

The other day we went to our local Sam's Club, 40 mins away, and picked up this lovely box of dog treats. 14 pounds worth of yummy goodness was in this box.

Our dilemma was, where do we keep this large box of delectables?

Well, we just happened to have a 5 gallon bucket that we sometimes dump dog food in. So, I got to thinking, I am going to make that sucker cute and store our treats in it.

I got out some spray paint, (make sure you use the stuff for plastics) and sprayed the lid and the top of the bucket.

Mod podged some scrapbook paper onto it.

Printed out a little sign, of course, my cricut is still in storage.

And filled her up.

Can you tell I have been real bored lately? Who decorates a bucket for dog treats? Me, I guess.