Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oreo Truffles

I got this recipe from Kathy, one of my MN playgroup mommas. These are amazing and addicting.

Crush 1 package Oreos
Mix in 1 package cream cheese
Roll into balls
Chill in fridge
Cover with melted chocolate

Like most things, my food processor is in storage so, I used the old crush in ziploc trick. However, I couldn't get all the chunks. AND my fingers were getting sore.

Roll into balls. Notice the meat tenderizer. I used it to further smash the chunks.

This time I also made some using Mint Oreos. Since they were Double Stuff I did reduce the amount of cream cheese I used.

Dip in melted chocolate. In MN/ND we use something called almond bark but, I couldn't find it anywhere here. So, I used the chocolate wafers that you use for candy making.

Make sure to cool the balls first because they are easier to dip. I used a toothpick to dip the ball into the chocolate. (Kathy's tip)

Melt a few chocolate chips to make swirls on top.

I added some green food coloring to the rest of my melted white chocolate to use on the mint ones.



Melissa said...

These look really good. I was thinking about (half) dipping oreos in white chocolate and drizzling pink or red on them for Valentine's day. I can't find almond bark around here either. I always have to settle for white chocolate or the melting wafers also.

Thanks for the sweet comment. Last time I just tried to move on but I need to get out these emotions somewhere. Thanks for still reading!

{ L } said...

Oh! These turned out beautiful! I just love how you decorated them. The white chocolate looks pretty too. You did such a good job getting the nice and smooth finish! YUMMY. Isn't it funny how close our oreo posts are in timing? lol

Also, did you notice I have a tunkables giveaway? Feel free to enter if you haven't already:

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh. my. goodness. I am seriously drooling here. So, oreos, cream cheese, and chocolate just happen to be my 3 favorite things ever and I'm really wishing I'd read this post before we went grocery shopping this morning. If we weren't getting snow dumped on us I'd make another trip out just for the ingredients for these. They sound so yummy. And not fattening at all, I'm sure. :)