Friday, April 30, 2010


It has been awhile since I posted house pictures.

Well, the shingling got all finished up. Thanks guys.

Insulation was added.

And drywall was hung and they should be done spackling and sanding by Sunday night.

The guys made a false floor so, that they could hang the drywall in our entryway.

Our bedroom

The bathtub corner.

The toilet corner and the shower will be right next to it towards where I am standing.

The attic. The access for this is in our closet.

I can't seem to get a good picture of our closet. This is one side.

And this is the other.

Still trying to get a picture of the closet. It is about 24 feet long and 6 feet wide. I definitely need to do some clothes shopping, just so I can fill her up. Ryan wants to build a custom closet organizer. I am so excited.

Dining room

I had no idea that they cover the windows with drywall and then cut out the hole with a saw. I assumed they measured and cut first. This makes way more sense.

Phil and Jesse were measuring for cabinets and the other two guys were spackling. Cool stilts. Shhh. After the guys left we put the stilts on Manny and let him "walk" around a little. Dad had to help him.

Living room looking towards the front of the house.

My boys were literally fighting over who got to use the broom. What? Seriously? Definitely a rarity. Kids fighting because they actually want a turn cleaning. I'll be lucky if I ever see that again.

Blog Button

I finally got around to making a new blog button.

Grab one!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bird Cage Redo

Once upon a time a family had a formal living and dining room. Then, it just so happened that one day a special little girl was born. Her parents wanted her to have her own room (she has 3 older brothers). Being the innovative people they were and still are, they turned their formal living room into a dining room and changed the dining room into the little girl's room.

Who cares? I DO. That story was about my brother's family. So, the last time we visited, my WONDERFUL sister-in-law, Nicole gave me some great items. They still had a lot of leftovers that once used to be in their living room. Score for me! Ryan really didn't want me hitting any thrift stores while I down the shore visiting. Guess what? Didn't have to now, did I?

I was sent home with a new coffee table and matching end table, another coffee table that is one big shadow box, a little shelf, random hockey gear, old snow boots for Johnsie, which I don't think have ever been worn, and a super cute bird cage that is like 2 feet tall.

The flowers that were painted on this were really pretty, but I had no idea how to salvage them and still paint the rest of the cage. So bye, bye to the flowers.

I picked up 2 of the really cute birds I see everyone buying from the Dollar Tree.

Sprayed painted the cage silver.

Sprayed the little birdies white. I don't really like the one on the bottom of this pic so, I think I am going to run and get another one like the bird on top.

Bought a silver candle holder from the thrift store.

Formed a nest from

this stuff.

Last week I found these at Joann's for 75% off. They were about $1.25.

They work perfect in my nest. Being a science teacher, I have always had a thing for nests. I have quite a few of them stored away with my classroom materials. I actually have one that we found in our lilac bush that was made completely out of Lancelot's (our dog) fur. So cool.

The "finished" piece. I am currently keeping an eye out for another candle stick. I want two in here and I for sure want the other one taller. I will probably paint it black. Who knows.

The flowers you see are the ones my boys bought for me the other day when I was in the hospital. Gotta love my boys. And yes, gotta love my girl too. Made sure to add that in there for you Chickie because I know you are reading this. Miss you!!

And next time I visit the family, Nicole said I can look up in their attic. Can't wait.

One Large Gas Bill-The Final Chapter-I Promise!

The Flatulence Finale or is it The Apprehended Appendix?

The wheels on the ambulance go 'round and 'round.

I arrive at the ER somewhere between 3:45 and 4:00pm. They check me in. I get another IV port. Yay, I am so happy. The nurse said that the one that I have is too small for surgery but, she leaves it in just in case. Blood is drawn. The ER doc comes in and chats with me after a few minutes. He says that he looked at my CT scans and that my appendix isn't the biggest he's seen but, swollen is swollen.

I am bugged by a few more people and then moved to a different ER room because they need mine for an attempted suicide patient. Poor girl. She got the charcoal and everything. She had a guard sitting outside her door and escorting her to the bathroom. Poor baby she looked about 16. I hope she gets better.

Anyway, I am told that they are waiting for a surgeon to get out of surgery so, he can look at my scans. And since I seem to be in no pain I guess there is no ASAP appendix removal for me.
So, my boys come in around 7:30pm to visit. Now remember, it is Johnsie's birthday. I feel so horrible. I literally saw him for like an hour this morning. Ryan brought his gifts into the ER so I could at least see him open his gifts. He is such a carefree boy, he could really care less where he was opening his gifts. Luckily, we went bowling the day before and had a cake for him.

Around 8:00pm the surgeon shows up and my boys make a quiet exit. He explains to me that he saw the CT scan and isn't convinced it is my appendix. The scan said my appendix was 1.2 cm and normally it is about 1 cm. And since I am showing no other symptoms, besides being tender to the touch, he wants to keep me for observation and he will see me in the morning. So, finally around 11:00 I am moved upstairs to a room. Again, this whole day I have really felt ok.

Morning comes still feeling good, just sore when I get up, and I guess the doc wants me to have an ultrasound. No biggie but, I find out when I get down there not only am I having an ultrasound but, I am getting an internal one too. Oh joy! Great times!

I get wheeled back upstairs and I wait and wait and wait for the doc to come see me. Ryan and Johnsie show up around 1:00pm with flowers. Aww sweet. And finally around 3:30 the dude shows up. Some, see ya in the morning. He tells me he looked at my ultrasound and that they again show a slightly swollen appendix but, since I have no other symptoms he is perplexed. He said he could take it out if I wanted him to but, he feels I should just go home and wait and see. If I run a fever or start getting sick I should high tail it to the ER.

So, he discharges me and off I go. Appendix still intact. Just really hungry since the last I ate was Sunday evening and now it was Tuesday afternoon.

Today, I felt great. I didn't exert myself because I just wasn't sure and if I push on my side I can still feel the tenderness but, otherwise, I am normal.

Honestly, I still think it was just a really, really bad case of gas that just wore my guts out. I never did really let one go though. Just your normal putt putt here and there. I guess time will tell. I will say that I am not looking forward to that GAS bill though. Cough, cough, wheeze.

Seriously, Do I look like someone having an appendicitis attack. I think not.

Johnsie bored in the ER. What a great way to spend your birthday.

Sorry that was so long. Oh well, you were bored anyway, right?

One Large Gas Bill-Part 2

The GAS saga continues.....

So, I sit for around 45 minutes waiting to see the doctor. When I finally do, I sheepishly explain to him that I have been having gas pains since Friday. And even though I am feeling much better now and my stomach is only slightly sore, there is no way I want those pains back. So, please give me some killer flatulence blockers. I have to tell you here that, even though I was feeling WAY better now, the night before I was having visions of my small intestine all twisted up and a big ol' ball of gas was trapped and ready to burst. I was making myself get a tad nervous.

When the doc had me lay down, so he could poke and prod, I seemed to be most tender about where ones appendix resides. Hmmm. Now in Ryan's defense, I will say that he asked me repeatedly if I thought it was my appendix. And, in my defense, when the cramps were at their worst, my pain seemed to be located just below my belly button.

The doc decides he would like to do a little test called a CT scan. Wonderful. Our bank account is already coughing on dust because of this thing called a HOUSE we are building. So, I am given 2 glasses of this "tasty" lemonade junk to drink and it needs to sit in my guts for 2 hours before they can do the test and NO I am not allowed to go home. Should I tell you now that it is my son's 4TH BIRTHDAY! And here I sit alone drinking "lemonade."

2 hrs pass. I get an IV so they can pump some "Contrast" into me. Dang that IV hurt too. My veins keep getting smaller so, I am a tough poke. Now this contrast stuff is pumped through me and I was told before hand that it makes you feel flushed. I didn't feel the heat in my face. I felt it in my butt. How weird is that?

Back I go to my little room to await the results. Yep, my appendix is swollen. And not only do I have to go and get it removed ASAP but, I have to go by ambulance because I have an IV port. Now, remember when I said that when I woke up I was felling much better. Well, by this time I am feeling just as good. No fever. No vomiting. So, I was not thrilled about the idea of a trip in an ambulance. Again my poor bank account, cough, cough, wheeze. But, I am sternly told I can not drive myself and Ryan also is not allowed to take me.

So around 3:45 my chariot arrives. My boys arrived at the doctor's office moments before I was swept away.
I had my camera on me and I wish I would have taken a picture but, this one I stole from the ambulance's website will have to do.

Oh, my gosh this is a long story! And I am not done.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Large Gas Bill-Part 1

Ok, So, last Friday night I was in MAJOR pain. Bad, bad, bad stomach cramps. So bad that I had Ryan run and get me some GasX from Rite Aid around 8:30pm. I had never had pain like this. Ok, well maybe labor pain but, that led to a cute bundle of joy and not just a stinky room.

Anyway, after I took the pill nothing changed. I actually had tears in my eyes it was so bad. I ended up "sleeping" on the couch, tossing and turning all night. I did catch up on some of my recorded shows. Always looking for the positive! When I got up on Saturday I felt better but, my gut still hurt. So, I took it easy most of the day.

Sunday we had big plans to go bowling with friends for Johnsie's birthday. I still was crampy so, I didn't bowl but, I did move around quite a bit helping Johnsie and whatever. After we got home I swear all hell broke loose in my gut. I was doubled over and seeing stars. Ryan kept telling me, No Way is this just gas. Let me tell you right here that, since Friday no more gas then usual has passed out of me. Aren't you all SO happy I am talking about MY FARTS.

Back to the story. So Ryan has to leave for work around 5pm and I am all like, "yeah, go, I'm fine." I didn't want my gas getting up in his face. Sorry, just had to write that b/c I thought it was funny. Anyway, I didn't want him to miss work even though he assured me it was no problem for him to stay home. So, off he goes and around 6:20 Manny sneaks and calls him because I am scaring him with my howling and bawling. Ryan is back home by 7ish. He gives me some ibuprofen and I snuggle up with my heating pad and fall asleep.

When I wake up on Monday I am actually feeling better. Guts are still sore but I can move around. Ok, so Ryan has been telling me to go to the dr because this can't just be gas. I am thinking to myself, as humbling as it will be to go into the dr for GAS, I for sure the heck will not go through another night like last night.

So around 10am I head off to the doctor. Aren't you all so happy you started reading this post. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Craft Desk

I got this desk a few weeks back at the thrift store. It is huge. 6 feet long. I am in love with it. My plan is to put it in my craft room in the new house.

The paint was a yucky yellow and it was really dirty. So, Johnsie and I wiped her down and sanded her a little.

Then it was time for primer. I let Johnsie help paint because first, he really wanted to help and second, because this is just going in my craft room and will eventually be covered in paint and glue anyway.

He was having so much fun.

All done. Things got a little messy so there weren't any in between pics.

I mod podged some paper on to the drawers.

Cute. I haven't done the other drawers yet. I am not sure if I am going to. I don't want it too busy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Time

It is so wonderful to live closer to my NJ family. When we lived in MN it wasn't unusual to go 3 years between visits. Which was totally horrible. Now, since we have moved to NY, have seen them twice since Feb. Life is good! But, not the best because of course, now we are far away from everyone else.

Johnsie and my niece M are turning into best buds.

What a sweet pea.

Manny took some pics of my me and my Aunt. This was the least blurry one. Oh well.

Pop (my grandfather) and Johnsie

Pop and Manny

My brother's great dane Chloe (6 months old). I caught her in a yawn. Wow, now that is a tongue.

Uncle Bobby helping Manny with his lacross stick.

Aunt Nicole frying meatballs.

These were so good that yesterday, before I left, I had 2 for breakfast, cold. Nummers.

The boys playing in the backyard. My nephew E caught in the middle of a flip.

My nephew A. I had to sneak this pic. He is at the age where he avoids getting his picture taken.

Johnsie and Lafonto. Those pups are missed so much already.

Manny really bonded with Sam. It was really hard for him to leave her. He kept tearing up. Poor guy, Ryan said, No more dogs. Two is enough. Actually, he really said that he'd take one of these

before a dachshund. Guess the guy really doesn't like dachshunds. Oh well.