Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fargo Hockey Tourney

N last tournament with his MN/ND team was this past weekend.

We had some time to kill before one of the games so the boys played by the pool. Poor N didn't have time to swim.

D did though and had a blast.

Daddy and D playing a little air hockey. D was in the game room 90% of the time just watching the kids play games. Obviously, he thought that was more fun than watching his brother play.

N is #3.

N got a penalty for roughing. Shame!

N was not happy about me taking this picture. Oh well.

This is D in between one of the games. Wish I would have been doing the same thing.

The team getting their medals. They took 4th place. Go Blades!

Way to go N!

Afterwards, we were able to catch my nephews hockey game. He just happened to have a game in Fargo that day. This is N with my nieces.

D and his cousins.

Daddy and D.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Daddy's home!

Ryan's plane got in on Friday and I really wanted to tape the kids seeing him for the first time, it's been 2 1/2 months, ya know. Anyway, his plane got in early and he was already at the luggage claim and the kids saw him before I even had a chance to get the camera out.

I was able to capture the dogs seeing him for the first time though.

Lancelot was a little more reserved than Isabelle. And oops, Ryan forgot to take his dress coat off first. I spent the next day defurring it.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tot School

Tot School

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Love our geoboard!

We love playing BINGO.

We got this in the mail from Nicole in our Pay it Forward Giveaway.

UNO! First, we separated the colors.

Then, we lined up the cards in number order.

Last, we matched up all of the other numbers from the other colors. Just to let you know we did not make it through the entire UNO deck. Too many cards for D and not eventful enough.

One of our new favorite games. Feed the Kitty.

This is a simple, easy game. No reading needed. Your kiddo will work on counting and mostly on taking turns.

One of our old favorite games. Candy Land.

We always do mazes.

Working on our same and different workbook that we got from the Target $ Spot this last fall.

Using our magnetic numbers to match up to the groups of Christmas stickers.

Not sure what is going to be accomplished this week. It is a busy one for us and everyone else I guess.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What We're Reading

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We really liked this book. It was a great twist on the original version. All the dinosaurs in the museum come to life and Santasaurus arrives and he has 8 dinosaurs pulling his sleigh. D has loved dinosaurs since he was just a little guy.

Jan Brett is so great. It seems like every week we go to the library during the winter, we come home with one of her books.

Even though D is 3 1/2 he still loves lift-a-flap books. Hey, I still like them too. And we have always been a huge fan of Corduroy.

Froggy books are also always a hit in our house. Froggy has a great Christmas with his friends and family.

Our non holiday book for the week. I am a lover of all Eric Carle books but I have to be honest, this is not one of my favorites. Not sure why. In the book animals call the sloth lazy and boring. The lesson is great. Do things your own way and be true to yourself.

Maybe after reading all of the happy, feel good books about Christmas, made this one feel lackadaisical. (An awesome word from this book.)

Grand Tetons

Ok, so our summer trip went from Mount Rushmore and Rapid City, SD to Yellowstone. Some of Yellowstone's pictures can be found here, but first, here are a few more pictures.


Plus this

Equals this. Cool Huh!

After Yellowstone we hit the Grand Tetons. They were amazing and wonderful.

Hockey '09

This weekend will be the last time N plays with his hockey team. We started him on skates when he was about 3 and he began playing hockey when he was 5. He has played with this team from the beginning.

It is going to be a tough transition for him but, since he is a pretty outgoing guy, I really have no worries. I know the team in NY will welcome him in and he soon will be one of the gang.

Hockey people are a tight crew and we look forward joining the group in NY.


N only made it down the hill a few times. He got too cold. D on the other hand I had to pry off the hill. He would have stayed all day.

Come and help me up please Mom.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Summer Vacation

Me and My Guy

So, I was looking through photos we had taken over the summer and I got to thinking I better start posting about our wonderful summer trip. Ya think I would have already done this since it is December.

I really thought I was going to be able to write while we were on our journey but, sometimes we stayed in hotels where you had to pay for internet (which I am WAY to frugal for) and sometimes I was just too pooped from the days activities.

So, why not post pictures now. Who doesn't like to look at summer pictures and think of hot days like the one where we were at Hoover Dam and it was 118 degrees, especially when it has been below zero the past few days here in MN.

I left off when we really had just begun our journey and we were at Yellowstone. You can find that post here and our time in South Dakota before Yellowstone here. Actually, looking back I want to post more pictures of our trip through SD.

This is us at Bear Country by Rapid City, SD.

I love pictures of me with sunglasses on. You can't see all the wrinkles around my eyes. 35 is OLD and wrinkly.

These wolf pups were so cute.

N taking care of this bear that was giving us some attitude.

This was D's favorite part of Bear Country.

I thought I should at least include one picture of a bear we saw.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I heard screaming the other day and ran down stairs to find D like this. Butt stuck in the barrel! He was pretty scared but, I couldn't stop laughing. He is pleading with me here to help him. What a goof ball!

And now we are moving semi close to Niagara Falls. He better not be training!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Snoopy's Christmas

A few weeks ago I bought these at the Target $ Spot. Who doesn't love Snoopy. Anyway, I put them on the fridge and asked D to tell me a story about what was going on.

We started with just the title of our story.
A Snoopy Christmas.

Then I put the presents around the tree and then asked D what should come next. He wasn't sure where I was going with this so we just discussed putting the characters around the tree. Then I asked D again to tell me about the scene we made.

D said, "The dog came dressed as Santa."

"The dog, Snoopy, gave the bird a candy cane."

"Then Snoopy went sledding in his bowl."

"Snoopy was tired and slept on his dog house."

D also added the tree to this scene.

End of story.

I want to try this again in a few days to see if the story develops a little since now D understands the process.