Thursday, February 11, 2010


I remember once discussing brownies at our MN playgroup. We were chatting about the Perfect Brownie Pan you see on TV and also that one that has zigzags in it, so each brownie can be considered an end piece. Then on a trip to Michaels I saw a "brownie pan" that was all squares. Cool I thought, but it was like $20. Nope, not going there. So, the ladies and I got to thinking, why not use a mini cupcake pan.

I finally got around to making some the other day and they were so yummy. I am a huge fan of the corners and each one of these babies was a corner. It was so awesome. Well, sorta, because before I took these pictures I popped one into my mouth and after I took the pictures I popped another one. They are TOO EASY to eat. Uh-oh.

And no, I don't make homemade brownies. These were from a box. Shame on me. I have actually never made them from scratch before. My mother-in-law makes wonderful ones, with WAY TO GOOD frosting. I need to make those someday.


Angie S said...

I love brownies!!

I made some Sunday, and just threw what was left away. I went to eat one, and dumped them in the trash. I know terrible that I don't have more self-control!

I will for sure try the mini muffin pans next time.

Melissa said...

I love making brownies this way! Who needs an expensive pan?