Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tot School

Tot School

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Since Johnsie is now showing a small interest in letters, we jumped into doing some letter worksheets. You can get this finding a here .

Here he is working on a capital A. You can get this capital A tracer here.

He really enjoyed tracing the letters. You can get the lower case a tracer here.

Other Aa sheets can are here: A collage, beginning A, little a search, tracing Aa, finding A and a, tracer Aa. We have only worked through some of these. I did not create any of them.

Writing our letters in shaving cream in the tub.

We play with Legos all the time. These have been packed down in the basement since we got to NY. I brought them up a few days ago and Johnsie hasn't stopped playing with them.

I blogged about graphing earlier this week here.


I also already posted about these patterning sheets here.


Mama to 3 Blessings said...

great job! I love the heart matching, shaving cream writing & the dominoes! Fun week!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Shaving cream in the tub looks like a lot of fun (and brilliant too, much better than letting him loose in the kitchen with it like *someone* did recently). I love all the printables, how neat that he's getting so interested in how to make letters! You do such a great job with him!!

The Activity Mom said...

Great activities!

sbswtp said...

What fun activities!!! I love the patterns.

Susan said...

Shaving cream in the tub looks like so much fun!m The questions is am I brave enough!

Anonymous said...

What fun activities! I love the idea of using the shaving cream in the tub.. its always such a messy activity!

Our Country Road said...

Shaving cream in the tub IS a brilliant idea. We will be trying that. Isnt it fun to bring out toys? We moved recently as well and the kids love when I 'find' something in a box.

Katie said...

What a fun week! Those legos are really neat, my son is big into legos, too!

Thanks for stopping by to enter my giveaway! Your cake sounds delish! Good luck! :)