Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home from Haiti

I am so happy for Sarah. Finally, was able to bring Reese home to MN. There were so many obstacles they had to overcome but, now they are home.

Sarah and her husband have adopted Reese from Haiti. When they were at the airport ready to leave they were mobbed by people who were calling them missionaries and saying that they can't take their children. Sarah and 2 other women were taken into police custody and questioned. Finally, after days of craziness the Haitian authority proclaimed that Sarah's adoption of Reese was legitimate and they were allowed to leave the country. They are finally back in MN.

Sarah was Johnie's ECFE (early preschool for MN kiddos) teacher. She was so wonderful. He loved her and so did I. Her oldest son also played hockey and sometimes Manny's team would play against their team. She has been keeping us all abreast on facebook and she recently started a blog The Thacker Pack.

You can see some of her story on CNN. They were recently on Anderson Cooper.

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Ticia said...

How exciting for her!