Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tot School

We have not done a Tot School post in forever. We have been doing stuff but, I just never get around to this post. Anyway, here are some things we have been working on.

Johnsie is finally seeming a little interested in writing. I was getting worried since he is almost 4 and can only write a few letters. Now we seem to be off and running.

A Walmart buy. Color ink is so expensive and I always feel guilty when I use it. When I do print in color I ALWAYS use page protectors and have Johnsie use washable markers or I cover things in contact paper.

Same beginning sounds

What belongs?


He is such a HUGE FAN of automoblox. We are for sure getting him more for his birthday.

He is forever creating.

This is all random stuff from our junk drawer. We 1st played an eye spy game and then using fewer items we played the game where you take an object away and you need to guess what's missing.

Like I posted earlier. We love the book How to Build an A.

We worked on learning how to make colors.


I LOVE this book. I have wanted to the playdoh activity that you see all the time with this book and we finally got around to it.

Yellow and Blue make Green.


sbswtp said...

I love the eye spy activity! So great :)

Izzie, Mac & Me said...

I haven't seen the book with playdoh...I'll be checking to see if our library has it...looks like a lot of fun!

Michelle said...

Those automoblox look really neat! My 4 yo would love those! I love your version of I Spy. Great job! =)

Susan said...

I just checked out Little Blue and Little Yellow from the Library. Thanks for the idea!

Our Little Family said...

What great activities! I love all the work/play you did with color mixing! My daughter, Maddie, would LOVE all of those.

Awesome week!

Our Country Road said...

I've never heard of the playdough book, but it looks neat! Great use of the junk drawer!!

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

1st time visiting your blog - I love it & your activities! I am so getting this book you mentioned! I signed up to follow you - what a great blog! I would love for you to stop by & visit my blog too! :)

Nicki said...

Pufferfish is reading this blog with me, and now she has declared that she wants to play with green playdough, and do painting, today too!

Anonymous said...

Great week you guys had! I always think the how to build an A book looks so fun. I need to get a copy of it!

Raising a Happy Child said...

We love this book too except the crying in the end. Did Johnsey ask you to separate the green into blue and yellow in the end? Anna did when we did similar activity. It's good to know that we can hope for more desire to write when we will be closer to 4.