Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still here

I am still here. Life has been so crazy. We still have no internet. Our development is so new that it is not coming up on Verizon's computer so, they don't think we can get internet. However, we keep telling them that our neighbors get their internet through them and their box is actually on our lot. Whatever!
House is still not complete. We are getting a tad bit frustrated. Our closet, bathtub, shower and some molding still aren't finished. The linen closet and front coat closet are not done yet. One cabinet in the kitchen is still missing plus, the granite tiles haven't been grouted yet. Some floor tiles need to be relaid because they are not even. Crown molding on the cabinets needs to go up. Front steps need to be built. All 3, pocket doors need to be finished. Fireplace, stairway and part of the laundry room needs at least 1 more coat of mud before we can even prime them. AND There's MORE.
So, with so many things still needing to be finished we have boxes sitting everywhere and everyday we take more and more out of our storage trailer b/c it has to be back on the 1st. We can't even put it all in our garage because half of the garage is full of our builders stuff. Oh and yeah, we can't open 1 garage door because the track isn't up yet and neither is the garage door opener and oh yeah, they still need to drill holes in 3 of our doors for dead bolts.
OK, I am going to stop because I could just go on and on.
I am grumpy and tired and today was so muggy and of course we have no air conditioning because everyone said we wouldn't need it. Yeah right. Today was so nasty. We could have gotten a little relief by sitting downstairs in our basement but, OH YEAH, that is a mess and full of our builders stuff too. We have been putting some things under the steps because there is no room anywhere else down there.
OK, so I am off to read my Better Homes and Gardens and get in a happier mood. I feel better already getting all of that off my chest. But first, I need to roll up my magazine and squish the stupid fly that keeps landing on me. Who knows where our fly swatters are!
Thanks guys. Till who knows when.
Just got the dang fly. Yes, the day is looking up!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Back in NY

So, we are back in NY. Our trip was wonderful. It was so great to see everyone. We were there for 2 1/2 weeks and we still didn't see everyone we wanted to. I can't believe how much I miss everyone already. It's not fun getting your heart ripped out.
Anyway, we are in our new house. The builders have about a week left to finish up some final projects. The house is beautiful and I can't wait to post pictures. But first, I need to post pics of Chickie. She turned 18 the day before we left. 18, seriously! Where did the time go?
Our storage trailer arrives today so, from now until July 1st we will be unpacking. We have the trailer paid up until then, which is perfect because I really want to slowly unpack. I don't want mountains of boxes in the house and not having a clue where to start. I unpacked most of the kitchen and bath stuff from our little rental. It is so much fun deciding which drawers to use for what.
We won't have internet for at least a week and with all the unpacking I am sure to not have any time for the computer. So, until then......

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On goes the Porch

It is so crazy to think that when we get back to NY, Friday night we will be moving into our new home. The whole process seems to have started forever ago.

This is the boys bathroom upstairs.

This was what the septic looked like when we left. You can see Johnsie and some friends playing on the gravel pile of to the right. He is going miss playing on the mounds of dirt.

I am so excited for this porch.

I plan to spend many hours out here.

We are installing recessed lighting out here, besides the 2 front door lights. We plan on putting them on a dimmer so, we can adjust the light for those summer nights on the porch.

The plan right now is to paint the porch white. But, it has to sit for at least a year before we can paint it. :(

I can't wait to see the next pictures of the house.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Trip To Moose

Moose Lake

Ryan's parents bought their lake place in northern MN, back when Ryan was just a little baby. Back then they used to camp in tents. Over the years they purchased a tiny camper, then a slightly larger camper and then a few years ago they bought a double wide trailer/cabin. It is so wonderful to have all of that space. There are 14 of us, if all of us are up there at the same time.

This little man has never known lake life without the cabin.

Chickie and Johnsie taking a nature walk. Accompanied by two wild hounds.

One of our nature finds. The treasure of MN. The Lady Slipper. We don't find these a lot so, we get pretty excited when we discover them.

Manny has loved fishing since he was Johnsie's age. He would be fine spending the entire day out on the boat.


a large mouth bass.

Sweet boy.


Such an odd duck.

Roasting Mallows. Ryan always gets this job because he is the Master Roaster. I don't know how he does it. They are always perfect.

Izzie planted herself right in front of Johnsie while he was eating his s'more. She looked as if she was trying to will him to drop it.

Catch and Release.

Awesome Catch!

Stalking her Prey.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

These are my recent purchases.

I fell in love with these little buggers the minute I saw them.

This is a terra cotta candle stick from Hallmark. I will probably paint it black.

I can't wait to fill this with super cute eggs at Easter time.

For some reason every time I took pics in our little house the colors were always muted. That is why sometimes you see my finds lying in the grass. My pictures always come out way better outside.

I am on a milk glass kick.

Super sweet little vase

For sure, no more pictures taken in my grubby little kitchen. Yay. We moved out completely before we left for MN.

We have never had a mantle before so, I am always on the hunt for fun little things to decorate ours with. I thought she would look so great, out for Christmas. I actually bought another similar one but, forgot to take her picture.

More milk glass.

This will go on our "new" buffet in our dining room for the spring. Can't wait to start working on the buffet and posting before and after pics.

I see this guy painted black with orange or red candles and spider web draped over it, on our mantle for Halloween.

I would like to paint this lady, white for our new master bath.

I am always looking for neat candle sticks for the mantle.

Oh my goodness, more milk glass. One thing I never want to do is, collect so many of one thing that each individual piece gets lost. So, I think that is enough milk glass for me.

I picked up this wine decanter, not because we drink wine, because we usually don't, but because it is green and I am doing green accents in our new kitchen. I just thought it was too neat to pass up for $2. Not exactly sure where it will go or if I will put any dried flowers in it or not. I will figure that out later I guess.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Graduate

Chickie graduated!

Chickie graduated with honors. Way to Go!

Oh my gosh, isn't she the cutest!

Singing for choir.

Got that diploma. The real one is actually in there.

Chickie's beau.

Moving the tassel over .

It's official.

These girls have been best friends since we moved here, when Chickie was in the 3rd grade.

Congrats you two!

Serious and studious.


We are so proud of our girl. We are so, excited for her to begin her next chapter. She is so amazing and we know she will accomplish any goals she sets.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go.

We left NY Wed morning, stopped and stayed the night in Portage, IN and arrived in MN Thurs. night.

It was so great to see Chickie again. The boys haven't seen her since Christmas and I haven't seen her since March.

Of course, it was great to see Mom and Dad again too.

This weekend is going to be crazy with graduation and all.

Ryan took and made this collage which will go on her cake.