Saturday, January 30, 2010

What We're Reading

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This was by far my favorite book this week. I love the illustrations and the simple text. One page asks, "What would the sky look like if birds painted with their tails." I hope to do some painting with Johnsie this weekend that resembles this illustration. There were other great art inspirations from this book.

Another Froggy. Johnsie was funny. He covered his eyes when we came to the page showing a needle. Lucky for Froggie, the doctor was just teasing.

Cute book. Johnsie loves books like this where he gets to guess whats
on the next page.

We love Toot and Puddle.

I remember reading this book to Chickie when she was little. Johnsie wasn't all that interested. I like it though.

I WAS NOT allowed to return this book to the library this week. It is definitely one of Johnsie's new favorites.

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