Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Little House: Part 2

This is the inside of our Little House.

Upstairs bathroom.

Manny's room. Notice the improvised drum stand and drum sticks. He forgot his sticks at school and the stand is lost somewhere in storage.

Our room, looking from Manny's room. All of our beds are on the floor. And we have blankets for curtains. It's like we are back in college. :)

Manny's room from our room and the steps going downstairs.

Our room.

Ryan's office and our 2nd bathroom. A washer and dryer are supposed to go here but, we shall see. Whatever we buy has to be moved to the new house and I really want to move as little as possible.

The kitchen. Gearing up for chocolate chip cookies. Notice the missing drawer. The landlords don't have it. ???? So, that leaves me with 2 tiny, tiny drawers.

The dining area. Johnsie is playing computer games.

The living room. We only brought in the futon. Our couch is so heavy. The dogs have always claimed this piece of furniture, hence the sheet. They have never been able up on any other furniture and I think they are going to be lost when this is downstairs once again.

The dining area taken from the steps.

It really is tiny. I can vacuum the whole main floor with out unplugging and I actually can still have slack in the cord. Less to clean right? So I am NOT complaining.


Annette said...


It's better to be thankful for what we have than wishing for what we can't.

Fiona said...

hi! It doesn't look tiny at all. Infact it is quite big compared to my house lol.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Less to clean, indeed! Size is all relative. In college, I had a room so small that I could touch both opposite walls at the same time. This looks huge compared to that!! Looks like you're settling in pretty well over there.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Well, the missing drawer has me stumped - how can you lose a DRAWER? LOL. You are managing just fine in this house, and I have to say it looks pretty good to me! I can also vacuum my entire main level while plugged into one outlet, so I'm used to a tiny house. It's less cleaning and it forces me to be organized and not have too much *stuff* which is great! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

kristin said...

Smaller house=not as much to clean :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm enjoying looking around yours!
Is there a white kitchen your husband can see in person? That is what sold my husband. My brother was VERY against white kitchens, then he saw ours, his wife was very happy that he finally agreed! I'm a huge fan of craigs list, you can get so many great deals. Get your appliances first so your kitchen can be built around them. If you are pretty good at DIY you can save a ton of money. Good luck to you, looking forward to hearing about it!
Have a wonderful weekend

Ticia said...

Maybe the drawer got broken?