Sunday, January 31, 2010

Recent Thrift Finds

For some reason, this week, I was on a plate kick. Not sure why. I do know I really want simple art on my walls and simple decor around the new house and you can't get more simple than a plate.

My biggest goal is to find a buffet that I can put in our dining room. I am hoping to come upon one at a thrift store or maybe at a garage sale this spring/summer.

I am thinking that during the spring I will do accents of green and then in the summer switch to yellow.

I love the idea of a white kitchen with green accents.

Couldn't pass up this little tea pot. So cute. The bread pan has a Thanksgiving theme. And the little blue vase. Love it.

This will be so cute full of little pumpkins this Halloween.

Ok, so I have no idea what this basket should be used for but, I liked the size of it and it was in such good shape. It is probably 12 inches tall and 4-5 inches wide.

Needed a nanner hanger. I will probably fill the bottom basket with fake green apples. I like keeping all of our fruit in the fridge. Except, of course, nanners.

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Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I also love the thought of a white kitchen with green accents - what is it about that?? I guess it just seems so fresh and clean. I love your plates and that little basket is awesome, although I have no idea what you should put in it. :) It sounds like you are enjoying yourself in your new place, so good for you!!!