Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Name Changes: Ok, So when I first started this blog I used the kids' first initial of their names. Then, I switched to using their actual names because using their first initial really bugged me. Then, I went back to using their initial for safety issues. NOW, I am going to change it and use their nicknames. Using their initial drives me NUTS. So, now I have to ask myself which nickname do I use. They each have so many.

This one I typically call Chickie.

Most of this guys nicknames are really similar to his name so, we will have to go with Manny. This comes from Manny Fernandez, the goalie, who used to play for the MN Wild. But he also goes but Johns. Not like John's but Johnson dropping the --on. Johns. Got it?

This guy has so many nicknames it is hard to choose. He can be Boo, Bubba, Johnsie, even Johnsie Johnserson and a bunch more that are also similar to his actual name. I will probably either refer to him as Johnsie or Bubba since they are the 2 used most often.

My poor kiddos. Their Mom is such an oddball. But, I did notice that as they get older they have fewer nicknames. Notice A only has 1. N has 2ish and poor
D has a ton.

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Ticia said...

It's a hard decision on what to call your kids on your blog. Either way it's a fun blog to read.
And the bottom picture of Bubba is super cute. Actually all 3 pictures are cute.