Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Little House

My boys out on OUR lot. We closed on Friday so, it is officially ours. Poor N is hidden behind the weeds.

Our Little Town. I love it. Every morning, I take N to school and we come into town with this view. I love it. I need to be a little higher up on the hill to get a really good picture. For now this will have to do. It is so picturesque.

Our little rental house.

We rent in the town next to ours. The towns are right next to each other so, it isn't a big deal. But, since we aren't living in our school district, we need to bring N to/from school each day. It takes us exactly 10 minutes to get there so, no biggie.


Raising a Happy Child said...

Wow, are you going to build from scratch? Good luck - I hope that it won't take long before the house of your dreams is here.

Debbie said...

What a cute little house you have for a rental. I love your view as your driving into your town there.

Good luck on the building of your new home, I look forward to hearing and seeing how it is coming along!

Ticia said...

I love your rental house. It is SOOOOO cute. I'm a sucker for white clapboard. And the lot you're building on looks great. We built our house a few years ago, and it was a fun experience.

Melissa said...

cute rental house. I've always wanted to get out of so cal and back to the midwest (or further east) and have a cute house. Ours is stucco and so ugly. Miss seeing houses built like that. Love going back to see my family and feel at home!

Lyr said...

Nice rental my dear! I can't wait to read about the progress on the build! :)

Angie S said...


The view is amazing, and the house is so quaint...I love it!!!

Can't wait to follow the building progress!!