Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tot School

Tot School

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I found this old Rummikub game at the thrift store for $1. I guess it is a sort of rummy game. I had never heard of it but hey, I thought the tiles would be great for tot school.

It came with tiles 1-13. I broke them into a couple of groups and had D put them in the correct order. He, by no means, recognizes all of his numbers yet. But, that is what tot school is for, fun and learning.

Same & Different pages from a Target $ Spot workbook.

D loves to listen to books on tape.

This week we listened to Cookie's Week.

I read about this idea in the Mailbox Magazine.

You buy a cheap skeleton decoration and take it apart.

Have your tot reassemble the skeleton to learn about our bones. Mailbox said to buy 2 of them and keep one together for the kiddos to use as a reference but, we just cut out the small skeleton on the package and used that as our guide. We got this for $2 and Amazon sells something very similar for $9. I bet we could have found one for $1 but we didn't shop around.

Target $ Spot puzzle. Learning how to make green, orange and purple.

I colored some rice with some black paint I had for D to use for a spooning activity. He of course changed things up and decided he would rather spoon into a funnel to fill the pumpkins.

"Do you have a hammerfur? What's a hammerfur? Pounding Nails." That is a long standing joke in our house. Just like "Smells like updog. What's up dog?" hahaha

"Quick mom come and look. I made a square." He was so happy about this.

Playing with shaving cream in a bag. We were practicing our letters.

Alphabet puzzle from Scholastic. I love book orders. I have an account with Scholastic so, all the points we earn from ordering books goes straight to stuff we can order.

D got board doing the puzzle. Can you tell?

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Lindsay said...

Looks like a great week! Sammy loves to listen to books on tape as well! I might have to get some more from the library :-)