Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tot School

Another busy week of Tot School. I would like to start being on some type of schedule with D. Right now we just kind of do whatever, when ever. It seems to me that we could do so much more if we had a schedule. I am not sure where to start though.

Tot School

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This was the first time we broke out Candy Land. This is the same one we got when A was little, probably about 15 years ago. The box has been taped many times but the board and cards are still great.

We purchased this new game called Hiss and D loves it.

D's other favorite game is Hi Ho Cherry-o

Fun with Wikki sticks. N couldn't even resist.

Having fun with our Melissa and Doug pattern bead set. D only spent a few minutes making the patterns on the boards before he switched to making his own. He will usually sort the beads by color on the different dowels.

D loved our new Automoblox. I would always see Krash from 1+1=1 playing with these and since he and D are the same age I went and ordered some. He played with them for at least 45 mins.

Hopscotch Fun.

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