Monday, October 5, 2009

Painting pumpkins

We picked these pumpkins from our garden the other day and decided it was time to paint them.

N being very creative. A black pumpkin?

We called Ryan and got him on Skpe so he could watch the kids paint. Notice him on the computer. Yesterday, we also had our first family supper with him in NY. We plan to do this at least once a week. We just set up the computer on the table and ate supper like we always do. Of course, the kids and I were all crowded on one side of the table so he could see all of us. We had pizza. I wanted us to all be eating the same thing.

We always use acrylic paint for pumpkins. So, D is always stripped down since it is permanent.

A making her masterpiece.

A painted all of these.

Cute girl

N and his creation. He used toothpicks to attach the little pumpkin. He wanted it to look like the big one was eating the little one.

D and his creations. He needed to attach his little black pumpkin like N did. He likes to copy everything his big brother does.

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