Friday, October 30, 2009

13th Annual Zoo Boo

Our local zoo, which is awesome by the way, has an annual event called Zoo Boo. It is held down in the zoo at night and it is so cool. People from local businesses dress up and stand scattered around handing out treats. The zoo is all decorated and they have glowing jack-o-lanterns everywhere.

However, since it was so yucky today, check out the prior post, they held Zoo Boo in the local middle school. Let's just say it didn't come anywhere close to the normal event. But, D had fun anyway and that's what counts, Right?

This year D NEEDED to be a vampire. Why? Because Max, from Max and Ruby, was a vampire.

Trick or Treat

Thank you

Hanging out McGruff the Crime Dog.

Meeting the Bank of the West Bear.

One pooped vampire.

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