Thursday, July 30, 2009

Picnic Table Talk

Picnic Table Talk
This week is all about physical activities and outdoor games. We are really lucky to have a really large yard, 100ft x 300ft, for the kids to play in. We live on the outskirts of town so, we are also lucky that we only have neighbors on the sides of us. There is a large field behind us and another in front where a farmer grows soy beans.

We have lived in our house for 9 years now and during our first summer here my hubby built a large sandbox. Our kids love to play in it. Our 11 yr. old gets down with his little brother and plays just as hard as when he was 3. It is so fun to watch. They love to add water to it so they can make sand castles.

We also have a tramp with an enclosure. All 5 of us use it. I have found out that if you have a grumpy kid tell them to go bounce because it is virtually impossible to jump with a frown. It always makes you smile. My kids love it when I put the sprinkler under the tramp. They just have so much fun playing in the spraying water.

My kids also really enjoy helping me garden. Granted right now they do more picking and eating on the spot, peas usually, then helping weed. But, that's what it is there for. When they get snacky outside they just run and grab a handful of peas, carrots or beans and go right back to playing.

This year we purchased a picnic table and the boys love to "go out" for lunch. Plus, clean up is a breeze. Crumbs are just brushed onto the ground.

Living in MN we really do try to take advantage of our nice summer days. However, our state bird, the mosquito, does make it difficult at times.

Other activities we do or things we use are: Hula hoops, water ballons, bird feeders, bug catching, rock painting, chalk, pressing flowers, balls, campfires, horseshoes, Bocce ball.

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