Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Best Thing a Mom Can Do

The Best thing a mom can do to keep her sanity is to go to the grocery store at night. I went tonight and it was wonderful. 1. No kids. 2. No hurry up and get home to make supper. You can just take your sweet, old time. 3. I also seem to spend less money when I go at night because I have time to comparison shop.

Tonight I found pastina. I was so excited. My Nanny (grandmother) used to make it for me all of the time with butter. In my little MN town they have never carried it. Besides me, there aren't a lot of Italians around here.
Another Best thing a mom can do is to take showers at night. 1. No kids around 2. No worry about running out of hot water 3. After a long day who wants to wants to climb into their nice clean sheets with a dirty body. Ishy.

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