Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The One Armed, Toothless Wonder

My N. Gotta love him. Two years ago he was participating in a snowball fight, an illegal one because it was on school grounds, and somehow he managed to knee himself in the mouth and break his tooth in half. This was a permanent tooth. ARG. Anyway, I picked him up and he was able to see our dentist right away. They filled in his chip, you can't really call it a chip, and he was as good as new. The dentist said he wasn't sure how longed the replacement would last. Well, now we know. Today, while swimming, N was blowing up a tube and his friend bumped him and his tooth broke, again. I called every dentist in our phone book and seriously, the last one I called was the only one who could see him this week. He can't get in until Thursday but it will have to do. We couldn't wait for an appt with our dentist since we are leaving for CA on Sat.

So now N is one armed and toothless. I am scared to ask, "What's next?"

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