Saturday, July 11, 2009

CA Trip

Well, finally I am writing about how our trip is going We actually haven't had all that many days where we have had Internet access and on the days we have had it I have been so pooped from the day I couldn't even think about blogging.

Anyway, we ran into an issue even before we left the house. Not a big one, but big enough to make us upset. We planned on watching the fireworks over Mt. Rushmore on the 4th. Well, Mt. Rushmore has it's fireworks display on the 3rd. What the heck? We couldn't leave until the 4th and who has their 4th of July display on the 3rd. At a national monument even. Whatever.

With our plans altered a little we ended up going into Custer State Park and went up the needles highway. We decided to watch the city of Custer's fireworks from up on the highway. It was really neat. I think we were slightly too far away but the kids still thought it was really cool to sit out on a cliff and watch the fireworks.

That night we camped at a place called Crooked Creek and froze our tooshies off. We weren't expecting it to be 45 degrees in July. Brrr. But, after we woke up we had pancakes right at the campground. All you could eat for $2.99. They tasted so yummy.

Onward to Yellowstone.

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