Friday, July 31, 2009

Operation Organization

Operation Organization

Melinda over at Coming Clean is hosting an 8 week long Organization Challenge.

I am really up for this challenge. My mantra is Be Positive and Keep it Simple. Well most of the time I can stay pretty positive but, keeping it simple is my downfall. And that isn't just with clutter in my house. Just ask my husband. He will tell you that when I am explaining anything to him, I for sure don't keep it simple. He is always telling me I give him way to many details.

Anyway, on to the house. After almost 17 years of marriage and 3 kiddos we sure have our share of junk. I swear junk breeds in my house. Let's just say I will get rid of bags of toys, junk, clothes from a closet and when I come back the closet is just as full. What the heck? Ugh.

Well, I'm like most people and not all that happy about how messy my house can get and it is one thing to say that but it is another to take a picture. Well, here it goes. This is our dresser in our bedroom. Notice the large amounts of my husbands clothes draped over it. Hmmm. I'm not saying he's the only one with junk on there but, hey buddy, hang up your clothes. And what's funny, see be positive, is that a few years back I bought an over the door rack so he can just hang up his dress pants and shirts there until I can actually hang them up. He so rarely ever uses it. Another Ugh.

Here's the after picture and I do have to say that it put me in the mood to clean the rest of my room. Ahhh. It is so awesome to go to sleep in a clean room. The older I get, the more satisfaction that brings me.

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