Thursday, July 30, 2009


Our first Monarch caterpillars have turned up on our milkweed. Now, most people consider milkweed to be a noxious weed, and it is, but we love it because we always get to watch the life cycle of butterflies. I do always try to pick off the flowers so they don't go to seed. Otherwise, I think our entire yard would be covered. I guess we would have lots of butterflies then. Remember to always look for the positive.
We always keep a few empty jars around to put our caterpillars in. This actually ends up being a good little lesson in responsibility too. The boys have to make sure the caterpillars always have fresh leaves and that their jar is cleaned out. I will warn you these little guys sure do poop a lot.

The milkweed plants are the tall ones in the back.

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