Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where do you store your poop?

Yay, we now have a big poop storage tank in our back yard. Something I have always wanted. Dreamed of actually.

So, today I learned a lot, once again. I really had no idea how a septic system worked till today.

Ok, so color me dumb, I never took the time to really think about how this bugger works. So, this is what happens. You go to the bathroom, everything that is solid stays in the tank and any liquid gets pumped out and goes through a bunch of sand that is supposed to filter it before it gets down into the water table.

I seriously thought that the tank held everything. I know we have been talking about a sand filter and all but, like I said I never really pondered it. So, take a gander at the diagram I found. I really hope you are telling me that by the time that poop/pee water gets to my well it will be thoroughly cleaned right? I am not so sure about that.

Let's just say I am REALLY happy that the well and septic both slope to the south. It still creeps me out a bit though. If my water tastes like urine, I WANT a REFUND. Ugh, I just totally realized that there are 2 houses north of us. Oh, gag me with a spoon!

This is the drain field or whatever it is called.

The boys, of course, liked watching the equipment dig our new pee/sand pool.
I took these yesterday.

The guys were working hard in temps of high 80's. Ryan brought our cooler over to them stocked with ice and Gatorade.

Most of the tile is in but, the guys haven't grouted yet. This is the entryway.

This is the tile in the kitchen. The empty squares are where some decorative tiles are going and the other tiles have to be cut to go around them. Can't wait to see it all done.

The start of our front porch. I didn't realize how small it is going to be. I am not complaining I just envisioned something else. Oh well. I still can't wait to sit on it.

Carpet goes in tomorrow.


Angie S said...

The entry tile is so pretty! I am getting so excited for you :))

And thanks for the septic info. I really have wondered about it...heehee!

seriously I have.

Jessica said...

Yucky septic tanks. I am glad we don't have to have one.

I know what you mean when you said you didn't realize how small your porch is, and envisioning it different. I don't have a small porch issue, but I was at our house looking at the framing, and realized how small the upstairs feels. I remember the model home being so big and spacious. I hope I can fit all my stuff...

Debbie said...

Now you probably know more about septic systems then you ever wanted to know!

Love the tile in the entry way!

The Girly Tomboy said...

I didn't know that much about septic systems before. I love the porch, doesn't have to be big to be really nice to sit on with a glass of lemonade!

I'm here from new friend Friday - TGIF! Love your blog!

Ticia said...

Ugh.... that's information I didn't want to know. I knew it in theory, but still....
Tile is pretty.

Beth said...

Title of this post made me laugh! Beautiful house!

New follower from New Friend Friday- please follow me back at a

Happy Friday!!