Saturday, May 15, 2010

In goes the Floor

Yesterday, they started to lay the hardwood floor.

It looks so great. I can't wait till it is done.

I see lots of Tom Cruise slides on here.

We weren't sure if they were going to glue or nail the floor. We were told that nailing this type of bamboo can sometimes leave dimples in the wood but, so far so good.

This is what will go in our entryway. It is so hard to tell how big things are when I zoom in like this. This is 3ft x 3ft. So, it is pretty large. We liked one that had red tiles that were very similar to the color of the hardwood but, they only had those in a smaller size. The smaller one would have looked goofy. :(

These are super spendy but, we purchased ours at a discount building supply store. Yay for us!

This is the start of our stairs. It is kind of hard to understand this picture. On the left side there will be stairs attached that go up and on the right side there will be stairs that go down to where I am standing in the kitchen. When standing on the 2nd step, you see here, you can look over our closet into the entry. The window you see is the one above on front door.

We love the idea of how open this whole area is BUT, we are nervous because it will be very easy for two boys, who shall remain nameless, to climb on top of the front coat closet. No biggie but, on the other side there is an 8 ft drop to the entryway floor. The builder purposely made the top of the closet super sturdy because he is also foreseeing climbers.

Ryan and I discussed the idea of putting a railing up but, neither of us thinks that it will look good. We are first going to try to enforce NO CLIMBING. I guess time will tell.

Honestly, I know we will eventually have to put something up, temporarily at least. I, so know, that they are going to put a huge pile of pillows on the entry floor and try to jump down into them. Boys = Stinkers! Chickie would never have dreamed of doing that. Right lady?


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

My kids have asked us to put in hardwood floors so they can go rollerblading. Um, no.

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

The house looks amazing!

I love the blocks you made a few posts back!!

Anonymous said...

Whoo Wheee, that's pretty.

Livia Leigh said...

So pretty!
I'm grabbing a button to your blog! i love it!

Marlene said...

Beautiful floor!! I hope ours turns out as nicely, too.

Angie S said...

loving that flooring! so pretty ;o)