Thursday, May 13, 2010


Our guys started to put our cabinets in.

This is our pantry cabinet. Inside the bottom doors are 4 sliding shelves. Love those. They are super deep.

This is obviously our corner cabinet. We need to order glass to go in it. We aren't going to do any etching on it. I like things simple.

There was a little confusion when ordering these. I thought I was going to have 12 inches above the lower ones and 18 inches above the shortest one. As it turns out, we only have 6 inches above the shorter ones and 12 above the shortest one. Not sure what I can put up in that 6 inches, especially once the crown molding goes up because then it will even be a smaller space. I guess I will probably just put some ivy up there. We shall see.

Where the fridge will go. Obviously, right. Sorry.

Lots more cabinets to install.

So we hit our first semi big snafoo. We (our cabinet guy) order us a 12 inch cabinet to go in between the corner one and the window. But, for some reason in the cabinet guys plans he had a 36 inch window and in the actual plans there was a 48 inch window, and that is what was installed.

So, our 12 inch cabinet won't fit. We would either need to put in a smaller window and keep the 12 in cabinet. Or, keep the window the way it is and order a 9 in cabinet.

Now, a 9 inch cabinet is really small. We have one on the bottom for cookie sheets, but, what do you use one for on top. We discussed putting in a wine rack cabinet, even though we don't drink wine but, it was like $500. So, we decided to go with a pull out spice rack which is about $400. Seriously, $400. After we return our 12 inch which is only about $200, we still need to pay $200. Our wonderful builder, knowing that it wasn't our fault, said he'd pay $100 and we could pay $100. He is so great. Now we will have one like the one shown in this picture. Sorry for the rambling.

And, needless to say, but the rest of our cabinets won't go in until that spice cabinet comes in in like 4 weeks. Oh well.

We have 2 lazy susans. I have no idea what I am going to put in all of these cabinets. I have gotten so used to the few I have here. I can't wait. I am getting very squirrelly.

Our little book shelf.

We decided to go with granite tile because it is so much cheaper than a slab. And, they say the grout line is smaller than a toothpick so, you can barely see it. Cool beans!


Melissa said...

I think in the end you will really like having that spice rack cabinet. It's a long wait and a little extra money but I'm sure it will be worth it!

Nancy said...

Oh, I like the cabinets! Things will all turn out great and so worth any troubles. I'm excited for you!