Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fillmore Glen State Park

So, yesterday, we had to leave our little house because the landlady had 4 showings. Woot Woot. I see, living in our new home, in the near future. We are getting so close.

We decided to go and check out a local state park that is about 15 miles from our house.

I guess President Millard Fillmore was born, in 1800, in a little log cabin about 5 miles from the park, hence the park's name. Yes, I did read my little handout!

Let's pretend that we didn't see the sign that was posted about keeping dogs on leashes. No one was there and they were having so much fun.

Oh bliss. There were Trillium grandiflorum everywhere. See, I told you I loved my botany class. I found some of these at the lake back then and picked a bunch for my class and was later told that they are protected. Well, maybe you shouldn't have sent out a bunch of kids to look for flowers over the summer without a What Not To Pick handout. Teachers, Ugh. All my former students would agree! Love and Miss you guys!

The park mainly consists of a large gorge with several small waterfalls. We didn't walk all the trails so, I am sure we missed some beautiful parts.

Wild Columbine. Love it!

Johnsie playing Pooh sticks.

This waterfall is created by a man-made dam.

It was a little scary with having no guard rail on the one side. I was creeped out walking across the whole thing. The dogs were now on leashes. Actually, we had to put them on leashes before this because the Yahoos jumped over a guard rail and came really close to falling 100 ft into the gorge. Maybe that is why they have that leash rule. Hmmm.

Heading back to the car. It was such a beautiful day. 50 degreesish.

Izzie trying to get a rock out of the river. She usually puts her whole head under the water.


Debbie said...

What a cool looking place! We love going on our nature walks, they are the best!

Ticia said...

Man, that is gorgeous.