Thursday, May 13, 2010

CSN Product review.

I'm so excited! The nice folks at asked me to do a product review. They have over 200+ websites, so there is much to look at.

I bounced around looking at some of their pretty things and ended up at their Racks and Stands store looking at Corner TV Stands. In the boys' old room we had a huge, ginormous book shelf. I actually think it was built in the room because we tried to get one just like it out of Chickie's room with no success.

So, currently the boys are left with no shelving in their rooms. I have been looking around for T.V. stands and shelves for over the past few months. has so many to choose from it is so AWESOME!

Anyway, stay turned for the product review. I can hardly wait!


Nancy said...

Too cool! I checked out their stuff and yes, so much to choose from.


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