Thursday, May 13, 2010


I bought these blocks forever ago at a thrift store back in MN. They are made from chunks of a 2x4. The letters are a part of the wood, they are not just glued on. So, I think they were made by at home by someone who had one of those cool saws that can engrave. Ok, I sound like a boob, because I have no clue what kind of saw it is but, we just were watching a commercial on DIY where someone made a monogrammed fireplace mantel using one. -Hope they never plan on moving or plan to sell to someone with the same last initial-

Who cares anyway, I thought they were cute. I just didn't get why someone would have blocks spelling NASA?

Honestly, I think they probably said SANTA and the T got lost in Timbuktu.

Anyway, I took the little buggers outside and gave them a fresh coat of black spray paint.

This rock has been getting a lot of use lately.

After that, I cut a piece of thin cardboard the same size of the blocks. And then, because I am so cool nerdy, I took out this used birthday bag that I had been saving because I really liked the paper but, couldn't reuse as a bag because of a hole. I cut it a little bigger than my cardboard and folded and taped it to each piece of cardboard.

Ok, so earlier today, I went to the craft store and bought a whole bunch of these black letters. What I want to do is make removable fronts for the blocks that I can change out each month. I figured I would just velcro the cardboard onto the blocks.

So, I proceeded to buy like 6 O's and 5 E's, etc and then I got to thinking on the drive home. Duh, Cindy, just put velcro on the backs of the letters too and just reuse the letters.

Guess, I have to make a trip back to the craft store. I am really so sad and upset about that. Seriously, I loathe craft stores as much as I despise thrift stores. No, not really, because actually I am pretty OBSESSED. Honestly, I keep thinking about this little junk store we passed the other day when we went to Fillmore Glen State Park. I am just waiting until I have an hour to myself to go check it out. Seriously, this store invades my thoughts multiple times a day. I really need to get a life.

I do need some help with coming up with words for a few months though. Or more creative words for the ones I already have. So, please give me any ideas you might have. They can be 3 letter words too.


Chickie and I were just talking and we came up with GIVE for November.


Leah said...

What a cute idea! I have a few words: SUN, POOL, LEAF. Came over from New Friend Friday!

Livia Leigh said...

August? FUN (Leah said SUN),
November? FOOD

hm....I'll do some thinking and get a better one than FOOD.

Debbie said...

Those blocks are so cute. Your photo albums look great too. Thanks for entering the giveaway, and good luck:)

Margo said...

Cute Blocks! Thanks for visiting my blog... You look like you have been busy with your house... Looking great.. Keep up the work!!

Chickie said...

So what if you have a word with repeated letters? I think you should keep at least two of every letter. don't know if you've thought of this. u know. love you!

Melissa said...

How about SWIM for August? Are you trying to keep them all four letters? Cute idea!

Anonymous said...

Great job. Those blocks look awesome.

miss corner cape said...

i think i am going to do something with blocks, too. such a cheap and easy and versatile craft.

FLAG for july 4th or memorial day in may?

stopping by from new friend friday