Monday, May 17, 2010

Plant Markers

I saw these on the The Crafty Crow this morning. Aren't they the greatest.

Currently, we have 50 seedlings sitting outside in 5 large pots. We purchased them from the county. We have 20 Douglas Fir, 10 Red Maple and then we purchased 2 of these ready made packs. Our Song Bird pack has 2 Witch Hazel, 2 Bittersweet, 2 American Cranberry, 2 Elderberry and 2 Sassafras. And our Nut Tree pack has 2 Red Oak, 2 White Oak, 2 American Filbert, 2 American Beech and 2 Black Walnut.

I am going to need these markers just to keep straight what we planted where.

And, just yesterday Johnsie and I were picking rocks that have been unearthed at the lot, to keep for gardening accents. I think we may have to go pick a few more today.


Angie S said...

love them!!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Those are cute! So much nicer than just a stick in the ground!