Sunday, May 30, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

I have been thinking about house decor like crazy. What am I going to put here and what am I going to put there?

One thing, that I know FOR SURE, is I want the saying, Here Comes the Sun, in my bedroom.

Huh? Why? Well, you see all the vinyl wall sayings that are out right now, right? Most people put sayings like, Always remember to kiss me goodnight or All because two people fell in love. Love both those sayings by the way BUT, they have no special meaning to me.

Now, even before all of this vinyl word sayings became popular I always wanted to put, Here Comes The Sun, on a little plaque or something in our bedroom.

Again, Why? Well again, when most people have beautiful, romantic love songs for "Their Song" Ryan and I picked, Here Comes The Sun. Not really a slow dance song. Try it. It doesn't really work well, I know. Anyway, we both have always loved this song and even as young kids, who got pregnant and got married, we must have known that everything would work out. The sun will always rise, a new day. Each day we can embark on a new journey, each year and now as we are reaching the end of our second decade together, each decade. Whatever issues arise we can count on the sun to shed a little light on us.

For me personally, the song also means that Ryan is my sun. He is my light.

Here Comes the Sun

Not sure what is up with the mushy, cheesefest posts. I just feel so overwhelmed lately. Our new home is almost finished. My baby is graduating and then 10 days later she will turn 18. We have all been sick. I have a 21ish hour car ride coming up with 2 kids and 2 dogs. I have to pack up and clean this house yet, can't really move into the new one.
It all has me weepy.


Here Comes the Sun!

Didn't even think about that, Here comes the sun, after all these next crazy filled weeks until, I reread my post looking for mistakes. Cool. That's when I added the BUT, Here it comes!


Nancy said...

I love this post, Cindy! Your song is so optimistic and that is so cool. I like the uniquness of the song title being something you want in your bedroom because of the special meaning. It's just so encouraging!

Have a good day!


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I love this post too! I think the meaning in so many different ways behind here comes the sun is awesome. It's a great saying, great song and meaningful! Paint the house yellow! Bright!

Debbie said...

Sweet!!~ That will be unique and special...go for it.

Lisa said...

Stopping by from NFF...

Great post! I love your interpretation of it. I actually chose that as my wedding song and had it played during our wedding ceremony.