Thursday, April 15, 2010

Windows are In


Told you the guys put these 2x4's up so, they have a place for their feet!

UGH! Not something I am interested in doing. My stomach turns when I go up the ladder to get to the 2nd floor.

Denny is standing in our closet. The doorway right by him will be a pocket door that leads to our room. Obviously it will lead to our room since, I just said it was our closet, duh, sorry I wrote that. But, our closet is going to be ginormous. So Cool.

Last truss to go in.
This dormer leads to nothing. We just wanted to have another point on the front of the house. Someday I guess we could knock out the wall in the attic and actually make it into a usable spot. We shall see.
Pre-wiring. Ok, I have been taking pictures of everything. Sorry.

Windows. Interesting Huh?

Drywall. Even more interesting huh? Top piece was broken in shipping. Oops.

Oooo, now we are getting interesting. A hole in the floor. I guess one of the guys dropped a 2x4 from upstairs. Glad no one was standing there.

Now we have a great skylight for the basement though.

Taping up the plywood.

Johnsie's room

Manny's room

Shingling the back of the garage.

Garage windows

Doesn't it look so cool with the windows?

Johnsie is always dancing to the music that the guys are playing. I wish I would have caught the whole dance. This was just the finale.

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Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Huge house!!! You are gonna love it.