Saturday, April 17, 2010

Puppy Love

My brother's 2 mini Dachs had puppies 6 weeks ago. They had 5. 1 girl and 4 boys. 2 are reds and 3 are brindles.

Oh my GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Look at that face. I think this is the red girl, aka Sam.

One of the male brindles, aka Nocco.

The 2 other brindles. Both are boys, aka Runt and Sims.

They just started giving the pups puppy food.

I am in LOVE.


Dawn said...

Aw, I love puppies, and those are absolutely especially adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I am in love too... sooo cute. Had one when I was a kid. :) c

Ticia said...

I want one, and as a side note my Mom's puppy is named Noco.

Angie S said...

Oh My Cuteness!!! I love weiner dogs...I was raised with them, and my parents still have 5. 5 dogs...holy moly!

Those pups are adorable!!!!