Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Time

It is so wonderful to live closer to my NJ family. When we lived in MN it wasn't unusual to go 3 years between visits. Which was totally horrible. Now, since we have moved to NY, have seen them twice since Feb. Life is good! But, not the best because of course, now we are far away from everyone else.

Johnsie and my niece M are turning into best buds.

What a sweet pea.

Manny took some pics of my me and my Aunt. This was the least blurry one. Oh well.

Pop (my grandfather) and Johnsie

Pop and Manny

My brother's great dane Chloe (6 months old). I caught her in a yawn. Wow, now that is a tongue.

Uncle Bobby helping Manny with his lacross stick.

Aunt Nicole frying meatballs.

These were so good that yesterday, before I left, I had 2 for breakfast, cold. Nummers.

The boys playing in the backyard. My nephew E caught in the middle of a flip.

My nephew A. I had to sneak this pic. He is at the age where he avoids getting his picture taken.

Johnsie and Lafonto. Those pups are missed so much already.

Manny really bonded with Sam. It was really hard for him to leave her. He kept tearing up. Poor guy, Ryan said, No more dogs. Two is enough. Actually, he really said that he'd take one of these

before a dachshund. Guess the guy really doesn't like dachshunds. Oh well.


Christy said...

Cute pictures.

It is so hard to be far away from loved ones. My sister is an 8 hour drive away - we miss her!

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Looks like a good time was had by all and those puppies are SO cute. I had a good laugh at your son's comment about the merry-go-round. Too funny!

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