Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

So, on Friday Johnsie seemed to notice that there was a bag in the back of the car that seemed to have Easter grass in it. He asked me about it when we were in the house. I told him that it was just Easter grass and nothing more.

Well, a few minutes later I hear my car remote making the noise it makes when you unlock the doors. The stinker unlocked them and then took off outside. He was already in the car by the time I got there. AND it wasn't only Easter grass. Hidden under the bag was a helmet, ax and shield from How to Train Your Dragon. I HAD planned on putting them in his basket but I guess Johnsie had other plans.

It was all good. We had plans to go to the movie the next day and he just had to wear his new gear.

I think he literally wore the glasses for the first 20 mins of the movie. Then he sat and watched the rest of the movie blurry. Not sure why. Anyway, the movie was super cute. A couple of parts made him jump, but he gave it a thumbs up. He sat engrossed the whole time. A few times I glanced at him and he had his fingers up to his mouth, looking really concerned. There were some pretty exciting parts.


douglass said...

What a cute idea to dress up for the movie! I'm sure he loved it...I can't wait until my son realizes that movies are fun!

Ticia said...

Mine are trying to convince me now that we need to get a pet dragon......
And my boys would have done the same thing with the keys