Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guess the Letter

So, Johnsie has really had no interest learning his letters and I am getting a little, not nervous, but anxious about it. He will be 4 here in a few weeks and really only knows a handful of letters and numbers. Whenever I try to get him to sit down and learn with me he only lasts a few minutes and quickly gets bored. For example, he really liked the book How to Build an A and now when I take it out he wants to build anything but letters. I try and sneak a few in there every once in awhile. So, any ideas are welcome.

The teacher inside me knows he will be fine. It is like parents who have kiddos that are 4 and aren't potty trained yet. They will be fine. They will get it. I know Johnsie will get it.

So, here's what we did for a few minutes today anyway. Because of course his attention doesn't last long.I got 3 cups and some letters and put a letter under each cup.
I would mix them around and Johnsie would pick one and then he had to tell me the letter. If he got it right he was given a jelly bean.
After awhile he decided to put 2 letters under each cup. This of was not because he wanted to learn his letters but, that he wanted more candy. I guess we probably did this for about 10 mins so he I guess he actually lasted pretty long.


Sarah said...

what a great idea to make learning FUN!

The Activity Mom said...

You're right, it will all work out! I can relate to that motherly anxious feeling though! I was anxious that the swing was the only place B would sleep the first 6 months and then again when he wasn't talking much at 18 mo. and now because he is SO sensitive and I hope he grows out of it a little before school so he doesn't get picked on. =)

Here are a few ideas to try with letters:

If he likes to run and jump try this:

If he likes to poke holes in things try this:

If he likes animals and/or using glue:

If he likes cars:

The Activity Mom said...

ps jelly beans and m&ms are used often here =) and I think it's clever that he put two under the cup to get more candy =)

Ticia said...

Does he like the Leap Frog Letter Factory movie? My boys loved it.

And I'll reassure the parent side, it will get better, he will learn. I think we all have that crazy paranoid parent side sometimes.

Nancy said...

You're so right, he will get them. He's a smart little guy to figure out to put two letters under the cup to get extra candy. So he'll get the letters when he's ready. Hang in there!


Still On The Verge said...

Don't stress. Each child learns in their own time. Out of my four I have quick learners and slower leaners, but it all works out at their own speed.