Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Large Gas Bill-The Final Chapter-I Promise!

The Flatulence Finale or is it The Apprehended Appendix?

The wheels on the ambulance go 'round and 'round.

I arrive at the ER somewhere between 3:45 and 4:00pm. They check me in. I get another IV port. Yay, I am so happy. The nurse said that the one that I have is too small for surgery but, she leaves it in just in case. Blood is drawn. The ER doc comes in and chats with me after a few minutes. He says that he looked at my CT scans and that my appendix isn't the biggest he's seen but, swollen is swollen.

I am bugged by a few more people and then moved to a different ER room because they need mine for an attempted suicide patient. Poor girl. She got the charcoal and everything. She had a guard sitting outside her door and escorting her to the bathroom. Poor baby she looked about 16. I hope she gets better.

Anyway, I am told that they are waiting for a surgeon to get out of surgery so, he can look at my scans. And since I seem to be in no pain I guess there is no ASAP appendix removal for me.
So, my boys come in around 7:30pm to visit. Now remember, it is Johnsie's birthday. I feel so horrible. I literally saw him for like an hour this morning. Ryan brought his gifts into the ER so I could at least see him open his gifts. He is such a carefree boy, he could really care less where he was opening his gifts. Luckily, we went bowling the day before and had a cake for him.

Around 8:00pm the surgeon shows up and my boys make a quiet exit. He explains to me that he saw the CT scan and isn't convinced it is my appendix. The scan said my appendix was 1.2 cm and normally it is about 1 cm. And since I am showing no other symptoms, besides being tender to the touch, he wants to keep me for observation and he will see me in the morning. So, finally around 11:00 I am moved upstairs to a room. Again, this whole day I have really felt ok.

Morning comes still feeling good, just sore when I get up, and I guess the doc wants me to have an ultrasound. No biggie but, I find out when I get down there not only am I having an ultrasound but, I am getting an internal one too. Oh joy! Great times!

I get wheeled back upstairs and I wait and wait and wait for the doc to come see me. Ryan and Johnsie show up around 1:00pm with flowers. Aww sweet. And finally around 3:30 the dude shows up. Some, see ya in the morning. He tells me he looked at my ultrasound and that they again show a slightly swollen appendix but, since I have no other symptoms he is perplexed. He said he could take it out if I wanted him to but, he feels I should just go home and wait and see. If I run a fever or start getting sick I should high tail it to the ER.

So, he discharges me and off I go. Appendix still intact. Just really hungry since the last I ate was Sunday evening and now it was Tuesday afternoon.

Today, I felt great. I didn't exert myself because I just wasn't sure and if I push on my side I can still feel the tenderness but, otherwise, I am normal.

Honestly, I still think it was just a really, really bad case of gas that just wore my guts out. I never did really let one go though. Just your normal putt putt here and there. I guess time will tell. I will say that I am not looking forward to that GAS bill though. Cough, cough, wheeze.

Seriously, Do I look like someone having an appendicitis attack. I think not.

Johnsie bored in the ER. What a great way to spend your birthday.

Sorry that was so long. Oh well, you were bored anyway, right?


Debbie said...

Oh you poor thing.

Raising a Happy Child said...

OMG - what a story. You were taking it all in stride. I think I'd say - take it out and get it over with :) Hopefully it won't bother you again.

Annette W. said...

Wow! I'm so glad to hear you didn't need surgery. I know there has been at least one time that gas pains almost sent me to the ER after several hours. BUT nothing like you!

I get them often...

Ticia said...

WOW, glad to hear you didn't need it out, but what an ordeal.