Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Large Gas Bill-Part 2

The GAS saga continues.....

So, I sit for around 45 minutes waiting to see the doctor. When I finally do, I sheepishly explain to him that I have been having gas pains since Friday. And even though I am feeling much better now and my stomach is only slightly sore, there is no way I want those pains back. So, please give me some killer flatulence blockers. I have to tell you here that, even though I was feeling WAY better now, the night before I was having visions of my small intestine all twisted up and a big ol' ball of gas was trapped and ready to burst. I was making myself get a tad nervous.

When the doc had me lay down, so he could poke and prod, I seemed to be most tender about where ones appendix resides. Hmmm. Now in Ryan's defense, I will say that he asked me repeatedly if I thought it was my appendix. And, in my defense, when the cramps were at their worst, my pain seemed to be located just below my belly button.

The doc decides he would like to do a little test called a CT scan. Wonderful. Our bank account is already coughing on dust because of this thing called a HOUSE we are building. So, I am given 2 glasses of this "tasty" lemonade junk to drink and it needs to sit in my guts for 2 hours before they can do the test and NO I am not allowed to go home. Should I tell you now that it is my son's 4TH BIRTHDAY! And here I sit alone drinking "lemonade."

2 hrs pass. I get an IV so they can pump some "Contrast" into me. Dang that IV hurt too. My veins keep getting smaller so, I am a tough poke. Now this contrast stuff is pumped through me and I was told before hand that it makes you feel flushed. I didn't feel the heat in my face. I felt it in my butt. How weird is that?

Back I go to my little room to await the results. Yep, my appendix is swollen. And not only do I have to go and get it removed ASAP but, I have to go by ambulance because I have an IV port. Now, remember when I said that when I woke up I was felling much better. Well, by this time I am feeling just as good. No fever. No vomiting. So, I was not thrilled about the idea of a trip in an ambulance. Again my poor bank account, cough, cough, wheeze. But, I am sternly told I can not drive myself and Ryan also is not allowed to take me.

So around 3:45 my chariot arrives. My boys arrived at the doctor's office moments before I was swept away.
I had my camera on me and I wish I would have taken a picture but, this one I stole from the ambulance's website will have to do.

Oh, my gosh this is a long story! And I am not done.


Annette W. said...

Was this yesterday? Today? OH MY GOODNESS!!

Praying for your recovery right now!♥

Ticia said...

Oh goodness gracious me! I don't know if you're still in there, or if you're telling this after the fact, but either way you have my prayers for speedy recovery.

Gina F said...

God Bless you and hope you have a speedy recovery. HAVE A BLESS DAY!!!:)

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