Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Fish Steak"

Doesn't that sound Yummy. I don't know if D was inspired by his older brother's soup creation last night or what, but he spent half of the day making "fish steak." I gave him a pot this morning and all day he added to it, stirred it and fed us. The actual "fish steak" was the dogs harness, not sure why, but it made sense to him.

He added peanuts, carrots from our garden, uncooked noodles, colored dice and fake apples. He even told us that the blue dice were blueberries, the red ones were "matoes," the green ones were broccoli, the yellowish ones were oranges and the clear ones he wasn't sure about. Daddy told him they looked like the inside of grapes and he agreed with that.

He dug out a spoon for stirring and a pie spatula that he said was his "scooper" and each of us got bowls and spoons. Then he decided to start calling Daddy "brother," N "sister," he was "Daddy" and I was just "Mommy." He kept this going all night. Funny Guy.

Just a few months ago I worried about him depending too much on us during playtime. Then his imagination just boomed. Lately our dogs have been dragons that need to be captured.

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