Friday, August 7, 2009

Operation Organization- Week 2

Operation Organization

In case you missed it, Melinda over at Coming Clean is hosting an 8 week long Organization Challenge. This is week 2.

I am so excited. I was this week's random winner of a $10 Target gift card. Thanks Melinda.

My challenge this week is the Laundry Room. First and foremost I need to organize my craft area. I watch 2 little boys (2 & 4) during the year along with my own 3 yr old and we do lots of crafts. However, I find myself rushed many times throughout the day and I just throw things on the counter. I always tell myself I will put it away later but, I never get to it and sooner or later things pile up. As you can plainly see.

Anyway, hopefully when that task is done I will go on to another part of the laundry room. Like say, the top of my dryer. It is full of socks because I really don't enjoy folding socks. Ish.

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