Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quick Fix

It seems like most garbage companies out here in NY are small and independent. And for that reason, I assume, they offer us no garbage can or recycling can rental. So, that meant that we had to purchase a couple of new cans.

I priced out some that had the recycling symbol already on them and they were seriously super spendy. So I purchased 2 of the same plain old black cans. Lids connected of course.

"Who cares?" says you. Well, no one, but me really. See, we were now having issues with the fam being able to tell apart the garbage can from the recycling can and stuff was getting mixed up.

So, I printed out a recycling symbol.

Traced it out onto some contact paper.

Stuck that contact paper on one of the cans. And sprayed on some plastic friendly paint.

Ok, so my contact paper didn't stick the best and it ran a little. And, I was a little over zealous with the paint and it went over the edges of the contact paper. But, I am not complaining. It is a garbage can for goodness sake. One that will sit outside through rain, sleet and snow.

I am just happy that I won't have to sort our garbage from our recycling anymore. Here ends that debacle.

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Ticia said...

Good solution. In Austin they supply the trash can. In Round Rock you buy your own, and they charge extra for recycling, so my husband opted not to do that.