Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Hole in the Wall

I am so excited about my little hole in the wall. I haven't measured it exactly but I think it is like 6 ft wide by 9 ft long.

This was originally going to be the bathroom but, if you notice how the drywall sticks out about a foot on the front wall. Well, that is where the septic pipes go out of the house. I know, lovely to think that when I am crafting away in my little room my family could be upstairs using the restroom and when they flush, woosh and it goes right past me.

Anyway these pipes would have taken up too much space in the bathroom so, we covered them up with drywall and mounted lights under it. My desk will fit right under here. The bathroom is in a little room right next door.

Ok, so to help me not think about poop wooshing by me, the plan is to decoupage the front wall with fun graphics and pictures. Most will come from The Graphics Fairy. I can't wait to start the process.

I am so inspired by this room in Beth's house from The Stories of A to Z. I am hoping my room will be as cute as her's.

I am hoping that if I time things just right I will be able to pick up a lot of totes, baskets and little organizers, cheap from back to school sales and clearances.

The plan is to prime the walls tomorrow. Yay for me!

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