Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dan the Snake Man

The other day on of my friends invited us to come and see Dan the Snake Man, who was giving a presentation to a group of local kiddos.

Johnsie was super excited about the whole thing. Here he is petting a skink.

Coming face to face with a 15 yr old tortoise.

Dan and his assistant explained that all to often people buy exotic pets only to let them go into the wild when they get too big to take care of. That is when he and his team are called in to rescue and remove the animals from peoples homes, ponds, etc.

Johnsie was fearless and had no issues going and touching the alligator. However, he would only touch the smaller of the two.

Checking out a snake skin

He really was all for touching and learning about the animals. I think this was some kind of boa.

Johnsie's hand shot up in to the air when Dan asked the audience who wanted to come up and hold this albino burmese python.

He was so excited to come home to tell his dad and Manny about all the animals he was able to see and touch.


Briana Priester said...

Visiting from New Friend Friday!

Your letters are super cute! I like the two-tone jute -it gives you more to look at! :)

Have an awesome Friday!


Chickie said...

haha jute

even-star said...

oh my squee!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Oooh, those letters are adorable! I am here following :)