Thursday, August 5, 2010

Johnson begins with J

So, all I see around everywhere is people using their initials/monograms as decor. Who am I to not jump on the band wagon. A few months ago I made this Monogrammed picture. Which now lives in our bedroom.

Awhile ago on a trip to Ithaca's Michaels I found a bunch of cardboard letters in the clearance aisle. Score one for me.

I bought 2 J's and almost all the letters for Johnsie's name.

For the J, I covered it with some jute and extra cording that I trimmed off our bamboo shades. Resourceful, huh? I knew I could use those cords for something.

Here it is up on a shelf next to Johnsie's ultrasound picture.

And here it is nestled in a plant. Not sure where it will end up.

Here the boys are painting Johnie's name. Green, of course.

Remember I said, I bought most of the letters I needed for Johnsie's name. Well, Michaels didn't have an R, so I improvised and bought a K and a P. I cut one of the legs off the K and glued it on to the P.

Then I just covered up the area with jute. Voila. I added some twine to a few of the other letters so, the R didn't look out of place.


Nancy said...

I love the twine and cord on your "J". Looks really good!!


Ticia said...

I like how those turned out.

Angela Brian said...

so good.

i mean goodness, what a great idea!

love how creative you were with the R..



AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

lol, love your comment on jumping on the bandwagon. I feel like by the time I have an idea or try something, it's already all over the place in blogland! Your twine J is definitely something I haven't seen though! Love it, thanks for visiting, following you. :)

Michelle said...

Nice blog...nice ideas! New follower!


Pumpkin Tart said...

They turned out so cute and the kids look like they had a blast!

I'm your newest follower!


Design It Chic said...

Such inspired craft idea!! I am now following you thanks to New Friend Fridays!It would be nice if you could share the love back on my blog! Also we have the coolest blog-hop there is... no rules just fun and would love you to join in:) Oh and if you need any help tweaking your blog or easy HTML tips, you know where to come!Happy Friday!

furygirl3132 said...

What a great job, very creative!
I am a new follower from New Friend Friday, look forward to reading more of your blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Great idea! I love those. You are so creative! Newest follower in the house from the Friday Follows. Would love for you to come return to favor. Your site is awesome. I can't wait to come back again!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

The Literary Lioness said...

You are so creative! I'm your newest follower from New Friend Fridays! Have a great weekend!

Organic Girl said...

Happy Friday Follow Organic Girl andTodays Diva