Friday, March 12, 2010

Prom Dress Shopping

We literally spent 9 hours shopping in the Mall of America. WOW. Our feet really hurt. But, in the end we had SUCCESS. AND we had fun. Girl time is the best!

Gram and I really liked this one. It was so beautiful but, Chickie didn't like the way it looked or fit.

This one Chickie only just liked. Her dress last year was black and white so, she was looking for a change.

We all liked this one and it made it into the top 3. The fit wasn't just right though. The top was really loose.

Chickie looked great in this one but, it was a little boring.

This one was also in the top 3. It was very pretty. To be honest, I can't remember why we didn't choose this one. I think maybe she didn't like the bottom.

After trying on, I seriously have no clue how many dresses, Chickie chose this little coral number. Now we are only worrying about how it will look with her Beau's bright red hair.

We looked all over the mall for a bra that would work with this one but, we couldn't find anything. I have found some low back bra converters online. We will probably invest in one.

The bottom has to be hemmed just a little. Remember Chickie, you're not short, you're "Fun Size."

Video of the dress she picked.

Video of pink dress

Video of black dress

Video of off white dress.


Raising a Happy Child said...

She looks gorgeous in every dress, but I really like her pick. I hope she has fun at her prom.

Angie S said...

Oh my...she is gorgeous! She should totally get all those dresses!! HA! They all look GREAT on her.