Friday, March 5, 2010

Half a Hole

This was taken on yesterday, March 4th. The guys were working on getting our driveway ready for a rock layer.

This was taken today. I have never been so happy to see a hole in my life. Yay. This is about half the hole though. This weekend they will dig the rest.

Because of the slope of our lot, there is about a 6 ft difference from where I am standing and where the boys are.

The boys had fun excavating and looking around.

This "flower" was a present for me from Johnsie. So sweet.

And Manny found this awesome fossil. So totally cool.

Ok, so I looked for some info on our area in New York and I can't find anything about the area being under water. I will have to look some more. I am guessing the area was once part of one of the area lakes. It is cool finding the shells especially because our lot is way up on a hill. Neat huh.

Big Worm video: another find of Manny's

Checking out the hole with Dad.


Destiny said...

So much fun!I wish I had been online when we built our home! I have pictures just not on the computer..Enjoy your journey!

Melissa said...

I remember when we drove by and saw that they had graded our lot! We were thrilled, especially since we weren't exactly sure when it was going to happen! Then on Christmas Day of that year we came and sat in our car in the rain and stared at our concrete slab....dorks!