Friday, March 26, 2010

Framing the floor

Johnsie getting scolded for trying to make holes in the styrofoam. A BIG No No.

Ry and Lance. The dogs love it out here.

Manny relaxing in the sun.

The basement floor. They don't pour the garage floor until there is at least one layer of house up. Otherwise, the back fill and floor push against the wall between the garage and the house. Actually it is the wall you can just about see at the bottom of this picture. I am learning so much!

I didn't have any clue how much goes into framing a house. The guys spent a day just organizing all of the wood and laying it out around the house.

Here is some wood. Interesting huh?

Getting the support beams ready.

This is looking NW towards our garage.

I would not like this work. There is no floor yet. We should have shingles going on within 2 weeks.

Manny likes to check things out.

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Debbie said...

Seeing your son getting scolded for trying to punch holes in the styrofoam reminded me of my son probably about that age doing the same thing when his Grandpa was building their house. I couldn't help but chuckle!