Thursday, March 11, 2010

Niagara Falls

I'mmmm Back. Nothing like coming home and seeing over 500 posts in my reader. Guess I won't be starting a new book soon. Well, to be honest, I will probably skim almost all of them and it should take no time at all.

Anyway, my trip started off with a little set back but, all was good. My flight was delayed 3 hours. The boys were planning on going to Niagara Falls after they dropped me off at the airport and since I had some free time, I went with.

The buildings are in Canada.

My Boys.

Manny checking out the Falls.

Manny befriended a squirrel. Too bad we had no snacks. Manny kept trying to get him closer by offering it snow chunks.

Thanks Manny for taking this pic of us.


We have been to Niagara before, years ago when Chickie and Manny were little. That time we actually stayed on the Canadian side and we were able to see the Horseshoe Falls. This time we just went to the American side (all of us are lacking passports). The only problem is you can't see the Horseshoe Falls because you are standing on them. The American Falls are amazing though, so we were content.


Ticia said...

You know we never made it Niagra when I was in high school and we visited the East coast. That would be so fun sometime, it's gorgeous.
I've often just skimmed blogs and left large amounts unread.

Annette W. said...

Love this!

Angie S said...

Fun pics!! I wanna go to Niagra looks amazing!